data-driven workforce insights

We help you navigate the specific complexities of healthcare workforce management.

Data-driven plans

provider and location specific rates allow supply forecasting and future state planning

AI Assisted

An AI assistant trained to spot forecast variances and changes to supply and demand patterns

Provider details

Provider specific supply and demand details you can aggregate by location, type, time, and zone

Planning Strategy

best-practicing health workforce strategic planning with visibility to what you have and what you need

Automated Reporting

Reporting and insights delivered directly to your inbox or dashboard instantly

Automated Updates

Connect directly to existing systems to automate data ingestion

Eliminate guesswork

Remove the guesswork associated with supply and demand planning and plan better

Manage access

Manage organizational and team access easily and securely through your dashboard
requirement modeling

what you need.

Use evidence-informed, best practice modeling to understand your provider requirements and how they change over time.

needs based modeling

true provider demands based on your system's clinical practices and population needs

longitudinal forecasting

how much of what you need when and how that changes over time

forecast vs actual variance

variance reporting and automated analytics helps you focus on what you need to
workforce strategy

drive your workforce planning strategy

Instant insights to the "what if" and precise understanding of future states enable preparation and decision making.
drive annual and rolling strategic plans
integrate financial modeling for budget planning
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setup guidance and robust documentation to enable better planning

a comprehensive set of industry-leading resources to accelerate workforce planning and drive time to value for your team
tutorials comprehensive guides walk you through setup and reduce time to value. Our team also assists you with setup and deployment helps you take the first few steps in better planning.
documentation our documentation repository contains thorough metric-based and best-practice documentation to assist in deployment and integration
support personalized onboarding and setup support including historical data ingestion and plan configuration that significantly reduces time to value
guidance assistance with health systems-focused broad governance and implementation support to structure, align, and optimize planning strategies that drive results and impact

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