coming soon - an intelligent supply and demand planning platform for health services.

A health workforce platform designed specifically for health services workforce supply and demand planning.  Better plans mean better outcomes.

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better plans enable better outcomes.

Health systems lack the ability to truly measure provider requirements. Health workforce planning is complex, and there are no tools available that enable provider requirement modeling based on local clinical practices.

Until now.

ai-enhanced support

Real-time insights on workforce health and plan performance.

AI-trained models review all data and flag potential areas of concern, acting as a real-time back end analyst.
Auto-generated reports: insights on health, performance, and trends with auto-generated insights that help you focus on critical events.
Workforce analytics: understand where your true staffing gaps are and - critically - when, so you can anticipate them and stay ahead of your needs
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API-based automated updates and data sharing.

Connect directly to and securely exchange information with us to enable faster review and insight-sharing cycles.
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Local data storage for security and latency
Simple pricing and automated billing for ease of use
automated AI assistant can be customized to identify your specific KPIs
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build your health workforce planning capacity

Powerful, user-friendly workforce planning software through a simple interface

Healthcare planning isn’t just about having enough staff available to maintain operations.  It’s about understanding and anticipating your population’s health needs. Understand what you have, what you need, and how that changes overtime, so you can focus on planning your health services delivery.

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